PrimalMove Kids

Primal Move Kids is the development-oriented branch of Primal Move. In this division, our goal is to help children reach their full potential in terms of agility, strength (both static and dynamic), coordination, balance and beauty of movement.

As civilization and modern technology progress, our physical state regresses. These days, It is certainly not uncommon to see obese and diabetic children, children with movement deficiencies and children that simply choose to stay at home and play on the computer or watch TV all day. This is perhaps even the new ''norm''!

Primal Move Kids has set as its goal the notion of FUNdamental movements: the ability to maintain the same flexibility and range of motion that children have, while developing--in an age appropriate manner--the child''s balance, strength and power, movement patterns, attention skills and cardio-vascular abilities. We also seek to develop other qualities which we believe are important in life, such as the ability to interact socially, to cooperate and to lead.

It is our belief that children need to learn to control and enjoy their body and mind as a basis for a good, healthy and happy lifestyle. Primal Move Kids aims for these exact goals. Our classes are comprised of a number of elements which help us in reaching these goals.

Here are these elements:

1. Attention exercises.

2. Perfecting movement patterns (running, walking, skipping, crawling etc.)

3. Assessment of the child''s physical and attentive abilities.

4. Coordination exercises.

5. Core strength and power exercises.

6. Maintaining and improving flexibility and range of motion.

7. Social interaction and leadership exercises.

From our many years of experience in teaching children to move, we know that a child that moves is a happy child, and a child that moves well will probably grow up to be an active, healthy adult. Add to that good social skills and leadership ability, and you will see our future generation taking beautiful and promising shape.

Our main goal in Primal Move Kids is to help your child reach his\her full potential both physically and socially. Join us, and watch your child move towards great things!